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Your dog is more than your household pet.

They’re a valued part of your family, wearing your last name around their collar and giving you unconditional love.

They’re the first to greet you at the door and the last to wait until you return.

You want to capture this unique bond you both share through artistic, high-quality photographs worth treasuring.

But photography is more than the end product you hold in your hands.

It’s an art that allows you to relive the genuine, real memories you’ve shared with your pet.

Photography is simply there to freeze that special moment in time so you can savor it for years to come. That’s what I do here at Mutt Love Photography.

About | Mutt Love Photography


I’m Teann Dhariwal, an Edmonton, Alberta based pet photographer who loves capturing the unique personalities of dogs, cats, horses… basically anything with four legs and fur! As a lifelong animal lover, I combined my passion for creatures and critters of all sizes with my trained eye for photography in creating Mutt Love. I’m as passionate about capturing artistic, authentic images of pets as I am in creating memorable client experiences for their humans.

Fun Facts

  • The first photo I ever captured was of an animal. True story!
  • I was gifted my first point and shoot camera at 10 years old.
  • I love my family of 6: my husband, our 3 yr toddler, dog Juno, cat Meowzer, and guinea pigs, Pickle and Mouse.
  • Juno is my greatest muse and also happens to be my (home) office mascot.
  • I’m a nurse by profession, helping me care and nurture my photography clients.
  • I’m in my element when I’m hiking in the mountains, gardening, near water … can you tell I love the outdoors?
  • My guilty pleasures include Mexican fusion cuisine, Netflix documentaries, and dark chocolate.
  • Every pet I’ve ever owned has had about 30 nicknames and responds to each one!

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Mutt Love Crew

- meet -

Juno (aka Scruff)

Sock lover. Mitten thief. Our best friend.

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Sakura (aka Meowzer)

Part human. Part lion. Expert greeter.

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Pickle (aka Pick-Pick)

Momma pig. Cuteness expert. Veggie monster.

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Mouse (aka Little Mouse)

Snuggler. Cuddler. Littlest of the pack.

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